2023 : Emir of Bauchi Warns Against Divisive Choices, Prays For Success Of The Nigeria Agenda

Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji Rilwanu Adamu, has warned Nigerians against choice of leaders based on their religion, tribe and other sentimental considerations,
Adamu gave the warning when The Nigeria Agenda (TNA) team paid an Advocacy visit to him in his palace on Thursday in Bauchi, saying choosing leaders on these basis leads to poor development.
He cautioned against allowing tribal and religious sentiment to influence the choice of leaders in the country.
The Emir urged leaders to be honest, sincere and just while carrying out their responsibilities.
He also commended the efforts of TNA team for advocating the Nigeria Agenda and unity of the country. He also prayed for the success of the TNA, adding that the mission of the agenda would change the narrative of the country.
Earlier, the TNA led team Alhaji Ahmed Sajoh said they were in the palace to seek for his blessings and also intimate him on the mission of the TNA.
According to him, “we want to advocate against division in the block of South South, North East, South West, North West, tribal and religious division among others in the country. And to emphasise the need for unity, togetherness and for Nigerians to see Nigeria as one entity,” 
“It’s possible to avoid introducing tribal sentiments, religious factors and the north/south dichotomy as we pursue the common good of this nation,” he said.
Sajoh also explained that TNA also advocates for the emergence of leaders who are honest, just and fair, inspirational leaders with vision to drive development and keep the country together.
“We must realise that what is of great importance is our unity and the progress of the country,” he said.
Sajoh appealed to traditional and religious leaders to support the Movement to succeed in its quest for facilitating a united Nigeria.